Pilgrimage Montage

One of the most important duties of Members of the Order is to make pilgrimages to the Holy Land. In some Lieutenancies, having made such a pilgrimage has been a prerequisite for promotion for some time, and this Lieutenancy has now officially made it a prerequisite for all promotions beyond the rank of Knight or Lady Commander.

The Lieutenancy's 2016 Pilgrimage took place from February 10-20, 2016, and was very much appreciated by all those who participated. Two of the participants spoke about it as part of Fr. McIlhone's presentation at the 2016 Investiture (the start of this segment is to be found just over 16 minutes into the presentation).

Our Pilgrim Master, Fr. James McIlhone, chose the beginning of Lent as the time for this pilgrimage. He has found that departing for the Holy Land on Ash Wednesday and spending the first 10 days of Lent visiting the sacred places is a most meaningful way to begin that Holy Season. Then, on returning, the remainder of the season of Lent can be a wonderful time to process the experience, and the Triduum at the end of Lent takes on a meaning that is much more profound having walked the Via Dolorosa, prayed and celebrated Mass in the Holy Sepulchre, and visited and prayed in the Room of the Last Supper.

Our 2017 pilgrimage will also be taking place at the beginning of Lent, from March 1 through 12, 2017). Please contact the for information about future pilgrimages.