The Page

The Page is the North Central Lieutenancy's newsletter. Since 2009, it had been published approximately twice a year, and has more recently been published approximately quarterly. Prior to 2009, the newsletter was published much less regularly. In the course of a redesign of many of the visual aspects of the Lieutenancy's public materials in 2014, the layout of the newsletter was substantially reworked and updated.

There have been a number of inconsistencies in the Newsletter's volume numbering — in recognition of this and as a component of the concepts behind its new design, the latest (from Fall, 2014, onward) issues have not been numbered. Printed copies of the newsletter are automatically mailed to all Members. Copies of the PDF versions are also kept available for download here, but our archive of issues from prior to 2009 is incomplete.

Material for consideration for publication in the next issue should be submitted to the Editor.

In order to view and/or print these PDF files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The latest version of this program may be downloaded free from here. Please note that the newsletter files are quite large (800 kB or more for older issues, 3-5 MB for the more recent issues, 20+ MB for the very graphics-dense Fall 2016 issue). Downloading them may take some time if you do not have a good internet connection.


Spring, 2018


Fall, 2017
Summer, 2017
Spring, 2017


Fall, 2016
Summer, 2016
Spring, 2016


Fall/Winter, 2015
Summer, 2015
Spring, 2015


Fall, 2014

2013-2014, Volume XXVII

Issue 3; Summer, 2014
Issue 1; Winter, 2013

These bear the same volume and (in the case of the Winter edition) issue number as the issues published in 2012, but nevertheless represent new issues.

2012, Volume XXVII

Issue 2; Summer, 2012
Issue 1; Winter, 2012

2011, Volume XXVI (cont.)

Issue 4; August, 2011 (there was no 'Issue 3')

2010, Volume XXVI

Issue 2; July, 2010
Issue 1; March, 2010

2009, Volume XXV

Issue 2; December, 2009
Issue 1; July, 2009

2003/4, Volume XXVIII

Issue 3; Summer, 2004
Issue 2; Fall, 2003

2000, Volume XXVI

Issue 1; Spring, 2000

1999, Volume XXII

Issue 3; Winter, 1999/2000
Issue 2; Summer/Fall, 1999
Issue 1; Spring, 1999

1998, Volume XXI

Issue 3; Winter, 1998/9
Issue 2; Summer/Fall, 1998
Issue 1; Spring, 1998