Below are documents of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem that govern operations of the Order.

EOHSJ Constitution

North Central Lieutenancy Bylaws

North Central Lieutenancy Member Operations Manual (126 pages) - This manual is used more as a referrence guide than a manual of binding policy and covers policies and procedures all Knights and Dames should know and practice. This includes history and mission of the Order, governance of the Lieutenancy, goverance of Sections, activities, membership, Lieutenancy policies, dress protocols, and insignia and decorations.


The Lieutenant's Annual Reports for the North Central Lieutenancy are important documents issued by the Lieutenant which serve both to inform the membership of the Lieutenancy's activities for the year, but also serve as a historical record for the future.

The Lieutenant's Annual Reports:

            2020 Lieutenant's Annual Report
            2019 Lieutenant's Annual Report
            2018 Lieutenant's Annual Report
            2017 Lieutenant's Annual Report
            2016 Lieutenant's Annual Report
            2015 Lieutenant's Annual Report