Geographical extent of the North Central Lieutenancy



Welcome to the website of the North Central USA Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The geographical area covered by the North Central Lieutenancy, shown in the image to the right, includes the States of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. If you are looking for information about the Order's activities elsewhere in the United States, links to a map showing the territories covered by and to the websites of other US Lieutenancies can be found on the drop down 'Contacts & Links' menu above.


IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ - Important Letter regarding Christians in the Holy Land!!!

Letter to President Biden RE Christians in Jerusalem - PDF Format

Letter to President Biden RE Palestine Christians in Jerusalem - Word Format

Please consider sending this letter to President Biden before he meets with Natenyahu in October.

Here are the points that can help convey the message:

      1) the Christian Palestinians are in dire needs of your help. 
      2) Israel is instituting laws to quell the growth of Christians in the Holy Land and the U S policy makers can
          change the trajectory of this change,
      3) The Patriarch is working with all Christian denominations to appeal to world leaders on this issues,
           but need your help. 
      4) your support will give the Christians the hope they needed to stay and support the church in Palestine.

REFLECTIONS FROM THE HOLY LAND, MID-SUMMER 2023 is now available to read from Mr Sami El-Yousef, Chief Executive Officer of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, 14 July 2023. Click HERE to read.


One of the most important duties for Members of the Order is to make pilgrimages to the Holy Land. In some Lieutenancies, having made such a pilgrimage has been a prerequisite for promotion, and this Lieutenancy has now officially made it a prerequisite for all promotions beyond the rank of Knight or Dame Commander.

The 2024 North Central Lieutenancy pilgrimage is now in the planning. Information and updates will be posted as they become available. For information on how you can be a part of this pilgrimage, go to the Pilgrimage page.


Here are two new videos that provide updates on the worldwide activities of the Order and on our works in the Holy Land. The first video features His Excellency, Governor General Leonardo Visconti di Modrone, recounting the works of our Order in 2022 and the challenges facing it in 2023. View that video (9 Mins) by clicking HERE.

The second video entitled "Holy Land Report for January 2023" features Sir Tim Milner, newly appointed to the Holy Land Commission, showing the financial commitment the Order makes each year to the Latin Patriarchate, and announcing the special projects for 2023. View that video (21 Mins) by clicking HERE.

These videos and all previous monthly live-stream video events can be found