Education and Formation

This page will provide links to videos and/or transcripts of presentations from our Annual Meetings, as well as to other material provided or approved by the Education Committee for use in the education and formation of Members and Candidates. Much of the material that is published on the Holy Land page of our site is also very appropriate for these purposes, but it will not usually be duplicated here. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the copyright of the material available here is owned by the presenter(s) and/or by the Lieutenancy, but the videos and other material may be downloaded, copied and/or used freely for educational purposes, provided that no changes are made and the copyright is appropriately acknowledged.

We have updated the software which is used to display the videos which are hosted on this site, which has made it necessary to regenerate some of the older files from original sources. As part of this process we have also generated and uploaded additional higher resolution HD versions of all of them. The lower resolution version of each video is displayed by default, and should be viewable with a normal domestic ADSL or cable internet connection, or a good mobile data connection. The HD version can be viewed by clicking the HD button towards the bottom right of the on-line viewer, but requires a faster connection.

Presentations from 2016 Investiture

Bartolo Longo Altar Dedication Homily (15 minutes — MP3 Audio Only)

Homily by the Rev Richard Fragomeni, Rector of the Shrine of our Lady of Pompeii, Chicago, IL

The Pillars of Pilgrimage (25 minutes).

Presentation by the Rev James McIlhone, Pilgrim Master of the North Central Lieutenancy.

The Theology of Pilgrimage (32 minutes).

Presentation by Dr Christine Fletcher, Associate Professor of Theology at Benedictine University, Lisle, IL.

2016 Grand Magisterium Report (29 minutes — requires Members Area access).

Presentation by HE Thomas McKiernan, Member of the Grand Magisterium and Chairman of the Holy Land Commission. To view this presentation, it is necessary to login to the Members' Area. Clicking on the link will display the login screen. If you wish to see the video and do not have a user name and password for the Members' Area, you should Register there first.

Presentations from 2015 Investiture

West meets East: Understanding the Middle-Eastern viewpoint (45 minutes).

Presentation by the Rev James McIlhone, Pilgrim Master of the North Central Lieutenancy.

Is peace still possible in the Holy Land? (37 minutes)

Presentation by the Most Rev William Shomali, Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem. This presentation was originally delivered across a Skype™ video link. The audio and video quality of the original recording was not optimal, and Bishop Shomali was kind enough to rerecord it in Jerusalem a few days later. This video is based on the new recording, but the content is identical to that of the presentation given in Columbus.

Presentations from 2014 Investiture

Evangelizing Catholics: the Bible, the Eucharist, and the New Evangelization

Audio CD and MP3 versions of the material which Dr. Scott Hahn presented at the Investiture may be obtained from Lighthouse Catholic Media.

Hebrew Speaking Christian Children in Israel (53 minutes)

The video of this presentation, by Fr David M Neuhaus, SJ, the Patriarchal Vicar for the St James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel, is located on our site.

The Meeting of Heaven and Earth: A Theology of the Temple (50 minutes)

Presentation by the Very Rev (now Bishop) Robert Barron, then President/Rector, Mundelein Seminary

Presentation from 2013 Investiture

The Spirituality of a Knight or Lady of the Holy Sepulchre

Dr. Christine Fletcher has prepared a condensed (8 minutes) video version of her presentation at the 2013 Investiture. DVD copies of this version were distributed to Section Reps at the Council Meeting in Detroit following the 2014 Investiture. The video recording and transcript of the original presentation are also still available.

Other Material

The Situation of the Christians in the Holy Land (Volume 5)

This is the latest (October, 2016) in a series of five booklets produced by Jeff Abood, a Member of the North Central Lieutenancy, containing copies of speeches and articles about the issues. Links to copies of the earlier booklets and to a substantial amount of other material about the Holy Land can be found on the Holy Land page on our site.

Member Operations Manual

The Member Operations Manual (MOM) is intended primarily as a source of practical guidance for Section Representatives in their task of managing the Lieutenancy and its Members. Other Members are encouraged to read it, too, if they wish to understand more about how the Lieutenancy works and why and how we do what we do.