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The Grand Magisterium of the Order

The Order's website has recently been redesigned and updated, and its content, which is available in multiple languages, will default to English for browsers located in the United States. More material should be added as the site is developed further.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

This site is continuously updated and has been greatly enhanced. The text mostly defaults to English, but much of the site can also be viewed in French, Italian, and Arabic, and a few parts still only in French. It includes a great deal of information about the work of the Church in the Holy Land and related matters, and is well worth a visit.

Pope Francis in the Holy Land 2014

Pope Francis made an official visit to the Holy Land on May 24-26, 2014. In preparation for this important event, the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (the bishops of the different Catholic rites), created a 'Media Commission' to co-ordinate publicity for it. The Commission established a website which was intended to be the primary on-line source of information about the Pope's visit, and has links to a great deal of background information about the Holy Land and previous papal visits, as well as material from Pope Francis's 2014 pilgrimage. Also well worth a visit!


US Lieutenancy Map

The Eastern Lieutenancy

The Mid-Atlantic Lieutenancy

The Northeastern Lieutenancy

The Northern Lieutenancy

The Northwestern Lieutenancy

The Southeastern Lieutenancy

The Southwestern Lieutenancy

The Western Lieutenancy


This listing currently includes only sites that we know of that are published in English. The Canada Qu├ębec Lieutenancy's website is published in French. There are also Lieutenancies in most European and some South American Countries, many of which do maintain websites in their respective native languages.

Australia — Western

Australia — Other Lieutenancies

Canada — Atlantic

Canada — Montreal (also in French)

Canada — Toronto

Canada — Vancouver

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English Language Vatican Home Page

Pope Francis Index Page

Links to copies of the current Holy Father's exhortations, speeches, sermons, and other significant documents. Almost all of these are available here in English.

Papal Archives

Links to copies of previous pontiffs' exhortations, speeches, sermons, and other significant documents. These online archives are most complete for recent pontiffs, but some material is available from as far back as the pontificate of Pius XI. Much of the earlier material is only available in Latin and/or Italian, but English versions of most of the material from the pontificates of John Paul I and John Paul II (and of some from that of Paul VI) are available here.


This opens a page on our site which contains links to many additional sources of videos and other information about the Holy land and the people who live there.