The Order has been publishing a Newsletter since 2002. Initially it was available in English, Italian, and German, and came out irregularly, about twice a year. French and Spanish versions were added in 2004, and its publication became more frequent and more regular from 2009. The Spring, 2017 (and presumably future) edition(s) of the Newsletter is available online, but not as a web-friendly PDF file, as previous editions were. Direct links to the English-language PDF versions of earlier editions of the Newsletters are also provided here.

The North Central Lieutenancy also publishes a Newsletter, The Page, which is currently issued approximately quarterly, and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem also started to publish a monthly newsletter (Jerusalem) in 2011, but, in January 2015, the Patriarchate unfortunately changed the format of the newsletter to one that makes it impossible to link to.

In order to view and/or print these PDF files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The latest version of this program may be downloaded free from here. Please note that some of the newsletter files — particularly the earlier ones — are quite large (500 kB or more). Downloading them may take some time if you do not have a good internet connection.

In 2010, the Order also published the first volume of what was expected to be a separate annual publication. This publication, of which the initial volume was entitled AD2009, is intended to serve as an Annual Report on the Order's activities. The second edition (AD2011) in this series was not published until 2012, but the publication was then renamed (to Annales), and successive volumes do seem to be appearing annually in the spring of the year following the title year. With the 2016 edition, however, the name of this publication has been changed again, to Jerusalem Cross. Rather confusingly, the Jerusalem Cross title also appears on the latest Newsletter, but the publications are apparently to remain distinct.


Jerusalem Cross

2019-2020 Edition
2018-2019 Edition
2016 Edition — (this was accompanied by a Spiritual Booklet)


Note: These PDF files are very large indeed — Annales 2012 is over 21 MB in size.

Annales 2015
Annales 2014
Annales 2013
Annales 2012

Latest Newsletter

Volume 59, October 2020

Previous Newsletters


Volume 46; Spring, 2017
Volume 45; Winter, 2017


Volume 44; Fall, 2016
Volume 43; July, 2016
Volume 42; April, 2016
Volume 41; January, 2016


Volume 40; October, 2015
Volume XXXIX; July, 2015
Volume XXXVIII; April, 2015
Volume XXXVII; January, 2015


Volume XXXVI; October, 2014
Volume XXXV; July, 2014
Volume XXXIV; April, 2014


Volume XXXIII; December, 2013
Volume XXXII; September, 2013
Volume XXXI; June, 2013